investing in coins


Investing in Coins Coins not only offer a strong investment – with returns that have rivalled the successes of postage stamps in recent years – but are also fascinating items, steeped in history, which have exchanged hands thousands of times and have been used for all manner of transactions. Reasons to invest 1-Growing interest 2-Strong, reliable returns 3-Low volatility 4-Valuable diversity 5-Simple investment options 6-High liquidity Investing vs. collecting ’This is a huge issue in the rare-coin community,’ said Timothy O’Fallon, senior numismatist with Gibraltar Coins. ’In my opinion, we’re at the genesis of a new way of looking at it from an investment perspective instead of a collecting perspective.’ Interest in it has grown markedly in the past five years and will escalate over the next five to 10 years, he said. London, United Kingdom Kingdom.html